Warehousing services

Trade Wind, LLC commands the transshipment terminal near the port of Ilyichevsk.

The Company provides services at the terminal’s area as follows:

• Reception of goods by road and train / railway cars;

• Storage of goods;

• Reception and storage of empty containers;

• Stuffing / de-stuffing of goods in / out of containers;

• Fitting containers with equipment under specific loads;

• Other storage services.

The Company  operates in Ilyichevsk and Odessa ports under schemes "container - car", "car - container", "container - vehicle", "vehicle - container", "car - vehicle", "vehicle - car", for transit, import and export.

Trade Wind, LLC possesses a great experience on the implementation of bulk cargo transshipment (grain, grain legumes, oilseeds, raw sugar, meal, etc.) under car/vessel or vessel/car.