Sanitation methods

Deratization means rodent control, extermination of rats, mice, moles, all those damaging economy, in hangar, industrial and other facilities.

There are two deratization methods. The first one is preventive: it is used to create an environment unsuitable for the life and development of rodents. The second method is an exterminatory deratization, which is aimed at the destruction of the already existing rats, moles, mice and other pests civilizations. Only certified chemical and biological agents that do not harm human health and the environment are applied in the course deratization works.

Trade Wind, LLC is the Company that provides services for deratization of storage facilities (warehouses), cellars, food bases, public institutions, etc.


Pest control (disinfection) is a system of measures aimed at the extermination of insects, including those carrying infectious diseases (cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ticks and ants), afflicting damage to food and agricultural products, production facilities and human dwelling, by chemical, biological means using the special equipment.

Experts of the Company carry out the processing of empty and filled storage facilities, silos, elevators, grain depot, ships' holds, cars, office and residential premises, thus exterminating destructive pests, fungal and other infections.

Disinfection is performed with aerosol dispenser produced by IGEBA Geraetebau GmbH, Germany.

Application of the aerosol technology provides:

• A significant reduction of processing time compare with conventional spraying (the process takes about 1 hour).

• Enhancement of the pesticides application result, since they are used as a working solution, atomized into fine droplets.

• Penetration of the aerosol mist into all the hard to reach places, tiny cracks and holes.

• Ensured even coverage of all the internal surfaces, the absence of "spots".

• Environmentally friendly disinfection due to the accuracy of dosing and lack of residual effect.


Disinfection – means a complex of measures aimed at the elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi inside facilities, in motor vehicles, in elevators, silos, and warehouses. All types of works on disinfectionare performed exclusively with the safe for human preparations that have no contraindications and undergone testing with the respective institutions.

Special disinfectants are used depending on the object type:

• Solutions to the effect of fungicide are used in the disinfestation of hotels, hostels and apartments;

• Special solutions that do not contain phenol and formaldehyde are selected for the disinfection of food factories, workshops, cowsheds;

• Broad-spectrum preparations are sued for the treatment of warehouses, basements and cellars.