The recirculation system

The recirculation system, linked with the grain fumigation, facilitates rapid and equal distribution of the gas-air mixture in any type of storage, regardless of size or shape, for example, hold of the vessel, silo etc. Fumigation with applying hydrogen phosphide in combination with a recirculation system when processing the well-sealed facility allows saving both material resources and time for disinfection or decontamination.

The system consists of an air pump, flexible perforated and non-perforated pipes, electric cable, fixing and sealing elements, as well as of electrical cable adapters and connectors.

Before start the loading operations, the corrugated flexible pipe is placed at the bottom of the hold, and then is connected to the surface oriented one-piece plastic tube. The installed on its top fan provides a constant air circulation inside the hold, and the additional corrugated pipe, laid on the grain surface after loading operations, provides continuous air intake from the above-the-grain space where gas fumigant concentration is the greatest. Thus, the recirculation system does not only shorten the time of fumigation, but also greatly advances its efficiency while increasing the gas circulation cycle by several times per day.