Trade Wind, LLC carries out intra-port freight forwarding in the Odessa commercial seaport, Ilyichevsk commercial seaport, Yuzhnysea trading port.

The range of forwarding services includes:

• Execution of freight notice (orders for goods);

• Freight customs clearance at the port;

• Registration of accompanying documents;

• Real-time records of goods movement;

• Management of freight certification:

• Obtaining releases from shipping lines;

• Assisting in placement of export-import goods in storage at specialized storage areas;


Trade Wind, LLC provides services as follows:

• Freight repacking, transshipment, warehousing and other cargo operations;

• Execution of port and shipping documents;

• Surveyor inspection with the issuance of relevant acts and freight certificates;

• Clearance and consignment dispatch by sea, road and rail.

The experience of our specialists in the field of forwarding allows for fast and reliable processing of your freight, competent registration of accompanying transportation papers.


Freight Carriage by Sea is one of the most effective and common ways of freight delivery.

Trade Wind, LLC provides a full range of services related to export-import freight maritime transportation, develops the optimal route of cargo transportation by sea, arrange freight insurance, freight redirection in transit and provides international terms of ”door-to-door” delivery comply with Incoterms principals. Strong and reliable partnership relations with well-known shipping companies and shipping lines allow for the transportation by all types of containers, Ro-Ro service.


Freight Carriage by Rail is the most cost-effective, more reliable and fast freight delivery method, carried out through all the territory of Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad.

Advantages of the railway transportation: high load capacity; fast delivery; the ability to determine the time of freight in transit and arrival of the freight at the place of delivery (destination); economic efficiency.


Trade Wind, LLC carries out transportation in compliance with the rules of freight transportation by rail, established by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.


According to the adopted classification, the freight transportation by rail includes:

• Carload freight - goods are carried in a separate car;

• Container freight – goods are carried in a separate container;

• Groupage freight – the goods are carried by several cars:

• En route freight – the whole train is used to transport goods (in this case, goods are transported using the required number of cars, comply with the length and weight admitted under the respective regulations).


The Company provides the following services in the sphere of freight transportation by rail:

• Route planning, the composition of the transportation process scheme;

• Freight control over the whole freight transportation route;

• Assistance in customs clearance;

• Provision of freight forwarding services;

• Freight insurance;

• Freight storage;

• Advice on the specifics of freight clearance and rates.


Road haulage is a land freight transportation. Currently, road haulage is by far one of the most basic types of freight transportation worldwide.

Trade Wind, LLC provides freight forwarding services as for transportation of various freight types (containers, covered trucks, refrigerators, oversized cargo on a platform) between the CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Europe (Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, France, Spain, etc.). We also organize export-import deliveries of specific goods, requiring compliance with the certain conditions of their transportation (perishable, liquid, hazardous cargoes, requiring special temperature conditions).