Customs clearance services

Nowadays, global trade is developing very rapidly, so the service package of Trade Wind, LLC includes customs – brokerage to make our customers feel more comfortable with their cargo deliveries.

Trade Wind, LLC provides services as follows:

• Appears for your Company before the customs authorities;

• Executes customs declarations of all types: import, export, transit;

• Provides freight certification services;

• Analyses and pre-estimates customs duties,

• Performs preliminary customs declaration of goods (including electronic);

• Organizes customs clearance;

• Freight customs clearance at temporary storage warehouses;

• Advises on the current customs legislation of Ukraine and the procedure of entering the international contracts;

• Filling in the shipping documents (Waybills, TIR, CMR);

• Carries out the processing of endorsement letters;

• Assist in accreditation as an importer/exporter (entities involved in foreign economic activities);

• Organizes the receipt of customs attached laboratory’s opinion;

• Organizes an examination of goods within the export control procedure;

• Provides determination of commodity codes under the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature and issue of decisions.