Coloration is the process of marking the grain required to identify it. The process is performed applying the approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine certified food colorants. Grain coloration procedure should be performed in strict compliance with safety regulations, as well as comply with the process, during which the paint is consumed evenly, without exceeding the established grain moisture rate, and also preventing the interaction of the aqueous dye solution with a chemical fumigant in case if work on coloration coincides with the time of fumigant loading. In case of grain coloration, the water solution containing a paint is applied to the surface of the cargo. Coloration method depends on several factors among which are the following: elevator loading performance, method of loading and the number of holds of the ship which are simultaneously loaded.

The grain coloration methods are as follows:

• Fully automatic control system with the spraying carried out on a conveyor belt;

• Installation of prefabricated sprayers at the end of the loading spout:

• Manual spraying over the cargo applying special sprinklers.